July 08, 2012

priyojon program

priyojon program
banglalink launches priyojon program where customers can earn and redeem points to enjoy wonderful gifts.

offer details
  • customers can collect points based on their usage and activity. a customer will receive 1 point for every tk.10 usage and 1 point for minimum one activity in each week.
  • all banglalink desh, ek rate, ek rate darun, desh 7 fnf, desh rang, rangdhonu, banglalink postpaid call & control and banglalink sme call & control package customers with more than tk.500 usage can register in priyojon prize point program and earn loyalty points.
  • customers who are using their connection for less than 1 year will get 100 welcome points after registration and customers using for 1 or more than 1 year will receive 50 additional welcome points (total 150 welcome points)
  • to enjoy this priyojon program customers need to register by writing p and sending sms to 5678.
  • for point redemption customers need to type any sms keywords from the below table and send sms to 5678.
gift type
gift items
point required
sms keywords
 regular non physical gifts
airtime tk.25
sms 50
airtime tk.100
sms 150
airtime tk.350 & sms 50
airtime tk.1050 & sms 450
regular physical gifts
key ring
nokia 1280 handset
  • points will expire after 18 months from the month of point accumulation and accumulated points will be lapsed if a customer becomes inactive for more than 90 days.
  • to celebrate the launch of this campaign special gifts are going to be given away. customers who will accumulate more than 500 points during march and april 2011 will be eligible to win these special gifts i.e. samsung galaxy tab, nokia n8 and nokia e5. only 3 lucky  customers will get the above mentioned gifts among the eligible customers and others will get different attractive prizes.
  • customers will be able to register, check and redeem points through sms, care line.
  • customers will be able to collect physical gifts from nearest banglalink points and care centers. the gifts will be distributed to customers from 8th march’11.

July 04, 2012

Standard Chartered Bank and Citycell (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where Standard Chartered Credit Card holders will enjoy 0% Instabuys facilities. Under this MoU standard Chartered Credit Card holders can buy Zoom Ultra MY-Fi pocket router and other selected Citycell products with attractive promotional offers through 0% Instabuys from Citycell Customer Care Centre.
Mr. Gitanka Datta, Head of Cards of Standard Chartered Bank and Mr. Faisal Saeed, Head of Revenue & Segment, Mr. Syed Tanzin Huq, Head of Market Communication of Citycell with other officials of both the organizations were present during the occasion.

July 03, 2012

Subscribers in all bangladeshi mobile oparetor

The total number of Mobile Phone subscribers has reached 9 crore 21 lac 20 thousands at the end of May 2012

01. Grameenphone Ltd. (GP): 3 crore 84 lac 12 thousands

02. Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited (Banglalink): 2 crore 52 lac 52 thousands

03. Robi Axiata Limited (Robi): 1 crore 87 lac 33 thousands

04. Airtel Bangladesh Limited (Airtel): 66 lac 67 thousands

05. Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (Citycell): 17 lac 13 thousands

06. Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd. (Teletalk): 13 lac 42 thousands

1st: Grameenphone added only 7 lac 64 thousands new subscribers in May 2012

2nd: Robi added only 4 lac 90 thousands new subscribers in May 2012

3rd: Banglalink added only 2 lac 44 thousands new subscribers in May 2012

4th: Airtel Bangladesh added only 1 lac 29 thousands new subscribers in May 2012

5th: Teletalk added only 47 thousands new subscribers in May 2012.

6th: Citycell lost 88 thousands (old) subscribers in May 2012

N.B- Total 16 lac 74 thousands new subscribers added in May 2012 include all operators

REF – BTRC 1 July, 2012.

A to Z Help for Gp

Now you don’t need to memorize so many short codes to avail different services! Just dial 123 and get different services from a single port. 123 is a gateway from where anyone can avail the services mentioned below by dialing 123 & press the specific key for the service, i.e. dials 123 & then press 1to route to port 22000 which contains News, and you will be able to listen to the news.
1. News (22000)
2. Sports (2002)
3. Religious (2200)
4. HealthLine (789)
5. Infotainment ( 2666-Stock Update, Transport etc)
6. Studyline (2255)
7. Entertainment Box (1234)
8. Voice Chat Service (2828)
9. Career (3003)
10. Directory portal (2111)


BDT 2/minute + 15% VAT.

July 01, 2012

RanksTel is back again..............

RanksTel is back again!!!! On 1st July, 2012, RanksTel is going to re-launch their operation. They are going to launch three different types of Phone – “Home Phone”, “Business Phone” & “Corporate Phone. “Home Phone has four different packages – “Kotha Post-paid”, “Kotha Barta Post-paid”, “Astha Post-paid” & “Nikhut Pre-paid”. “Business Phone” has one PCO package named “Nikhut PCO”. And “Corporate Phone” has “Kotha Corporate Package”.

The details tariff plans are given below:

• Kotha Post-paid: GET FREE TALKING FOR YOUR PARTNER PHONE. This package is for those residential subscribers who would like to get unlimited free talk time with partner phones on-net using RanksTel network for a fixed monthly tariff. This package is for those subscribers who have a predictable call pattern and would like to take advantage of it.Kotha Post-Paid package permits you to call off-net to other operators as well for an additional fee if such a requirement arises. You have the option but exercising it remains under your control.

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ free of cost,
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.65/min (60 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

• Kotha Barta Post-paid: This package is identical to Kotha PostPaid but with the added feature of making unlimited on-net SMS texting for a fixed monthly tariff. Kotha Post-Paid package permits you to call off-net to other operators as well for an additional fee if such a requirement arises. You have the option but exercising it remains under your control.

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ free of cost,
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.65/min (60 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

• Astha Post-paid: This package is for the general residential subscribers who do not want to pay any fixed monthly line rent and only pay per usages. This gives you the opportunity to control your costs while your requirement to communicate is fully served.

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.10/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.60/min (60 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

• Nikhut Pre-paid: This package is for the general subscribers who would like have complete control over their communications costs and payment options in advance for the phone usage. RanksTel appreciates the advance payment and rewards the subscribers with the lowest tariff available in the industry .

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.10/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.50/min (60 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

• Nikhut PCO: Do you want to do business with your phone? RanksTel offers you the opportunity to provide PCO (Public Call Office) service using our Nikhut PCO package which gives unrivalled tariff advantage in the industry. Nikhut is a Pre Paid package, especially designed for the PCO business. It comes with one second pulse, which is extremely advantageous in this type of application. Nikhut PCO package will ensure you a handsome daily profit simply by recharging and selling the talk time with a good margin.

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.10/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.55/min (1 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

• Kotha Corporate Package: Kotha Corporate Package is aimed at enterprises (Medium & Large ) who would like their employees to have unlimited talk time facility among themselves for conducting day to day business for a fixed monthly fee. The numbers assigned to the corporate customer can be brought under three or four digit dialing plan for an additional fee. This makes calling their co-works externally easy. This package also permits you to call off-net to other operators. Kotha Corporate Package is the ultimate solution to your business communication needs.

Voice call:
RanksTel to RanksTel @ free of cost,
RanksTel to BTCL /IPTSP @ Tk 0.40/min (60 sec pulse),
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.65/min (60 sec pulse).

RanksTel to RanksTel @ Tk 0.15/sms,
RanksTel to Mobile @ Tk 0.30/sms.

*** All tariffs are excluding VAT.

For more details, please visit

June 30, 2012

Grameenphone Network Campaign

This year on 26th March, 2012 Grameenphone has marked 15 years of existence in Bangladesh. Over these 15 years of operations, our main aim was to facilitate everyone to overcome all their limitations taking them to the next level through mobile connectivity. We contributed the most in making mobile telephone as one of the most essential possessions of the people of Bangladesh, keeping millions of people connected. Till date Grameenphone reaches out to more than 38 million souls around the country through 7699 number of network towers.
Our network is the largest and widespread in the country. The main aim behind our 15 years of relentless effort is to expand the network and ensure best network quality all over the country in order to be there as the connecting thread, all the time.
We have made our network more advanced and future proof in order to address all the future opportunities. We want to keep you connected to your loved ones back home and also to the opportunities lying ahead through our network. So, move forward and set your goal to achieve what you want in life. Grameenphone network will keep all your ties intact.

June 28, 2012

Citycell One

Citycell One connection available

Robi news..............

Dhaka, 25 June 2012
Robi Axiata Limited, and Jamuna Bank Limited signed an agreement on Sunday to stipulate remittance through mobile telecom network. This is an easy, most convenient and secured way to receive foreign remittance. Selected retailers/distributors (RSP) of Robi will act as cash out points (accredited by the partner banks) from where the beneficiaries can withdraw their remittance in cash.

Chief Human Resources Officer Matiul Islam Nowshad and Managing Director Jamuna Bank Limited, Md. Motior Rahman inked the agreement.
In order to collect remittance beneficiary needs to show and submit a photocopy of original identity document (National ID/passport/driving license) & transaction ID to the Robi Service Partner (RSP) outlet. Upon diligent verification RSP will payout the remitted amount to the beneficiary.
Customers of any mobile operator can receive remittance service from RSP and remittance recipients can get this service free of cost.
This service will give many benefits to the recipients as they will not require any bank account to receive remittance, they can receive the service at their locality and receive hard earned remittance free of cost.
Speaking in the occasion Chief Human Resources Officer Matiul Islam Nowshad said, “This will strengthen Robi's commitment to its customers as m-remittance will make remittance collection more convenient.”
From Robi, Vice President - Barna Ahmed, Manager – Mohammad Shahriar, Nazrul Islam Zaman & Mohiuddin Siddiqui were present at the agreement signing ceremony.
From Jamuna Bank , Assistant Managing Director Md. Abul Shahjahan, Assistant VP – Md. Abdus Sobhan, Munsi Md. Ashfakul Alam were present at the event.

June 27, 2012

Banglalink Reativiton Offer

banglalink launched yet another exiting reactivation offer. under this promotion,customers will get up to 300 minutes bonus talk-time, upon reactivating their banglalink sim.

   Offer details
  • all prepaid and  c&c customers (except e-voucher and pco) who have not used their connection since 11th april, 2012will get 20 minutes bonus on any recharge (tk.10 minimum) first time after reactivation.
  • after that every week customer will get 40 minutes upon having minimum tk.25 usage in the previous week for next 7 weeks.
  • customer weekly usage period will be considered from every friday to thursday after reactivation. if a customer reactivates in the middle of the week, the customer’s usage calculation will be start from next friday to thursday.
  • a reactivated customer can avail this offer for exact 7 weeks after reactivation. if the customer fails to meet the usage criteria for any week, still that customer will be eligible for the offer.
  • bonus  can be used to any non-fnf banglalink numbers in 24 hours with a validity of 3 days.
  • to check eligibility, customer needs to send sms by writing his/her number "0191xxxxxxx" from any bl number and send to 4343.
  • to check the bonus amount, all the customers, other than "obiram" package users, need to dial *124*3#. "obiram" package users need to dial *124*4#.
  • bonus on first recharge will be disbursed within 48 hours of recharge.
  • weekly usage bonus will be disbursed on every monday.
  • the offer is applicable for limited period only.
  • please call 121 for more details.


Grameenphone 100% Bonus on Recharge
Step 1: Register "Start R" send to 9999
Step 2: After Registration,Recharge 50tk or More

Grameenphone introduces yet another magnificent offer for its valued customers. Under this offer, prepaid customers of Grameenphone will be able to enjoy 100% bonus on recharge of at least BDT 50 or above after registration. This fantastic offer is available from June 24, 2012 and will continue till July 8, 2012.

*This offer will be eligible for customers using SMILE, Shohoj , Apon , djuice, Spondon , Amontron, Baadhon , Business Solutions Prepaid and the Ekota Prepaid packages.
*To avail the offer, customers will have to register first ("Start R" send to 9999)
*After registration, and after receiving the confirmation reply, eligible customers will have to recharge at least BDT 50 or above at a time to receive the 100% Bonus.
*The bonus amount received can only be used in GP-GP voice calls only from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM with 2 days validity (from the day of the recharge till 5:00 PM of the next day)
*The bonus amount received can be checked by dialing *566*9#
*The bonus amount will not be useful in call scenarios with 50 paisa/ 49paisa
*The maximum bonus minute that can be used is 960 minutes
*This bonus amount will not be transferable (i.e. via Balance Transfer)
*MY ZONE tariff will not be applicable for the takers of this offer
*This offer will not be applicable for those customers who have taken or availed the recently launched 200% bonus offer from Grameenphone
*15% VAT will be applicable in all charges

June 26, 2012

Banglalink offer

offer details

banglalink is offering 36 minutes & 36 sms for just 9.99 taka. to buy the bundle, customer has to dial

offer details
  • all banglalink prepaid (except e-voucher) and c&c (except pco) customers can enjoy this offer.
  • the minutes can be used to any banglalink number(except fnf) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • the sms can be used to any banglalink number, any time.
  • to check bought minute & sms customer need to dial *124*2# .
  • the bundle will be valid for 1 day. calendar midnight validity will be applicable, i.e. whenever the customer is purchasing the bundle validity will be till midnight of the next day from purchasing.
  • a customer can buy this bundle as many times as he wants during the offer period.
  • ’obiram’- package users need to deregister from ’obiram’ package to avail this bundle offer.
  • this will be a limited time offer.
  • for details, please dial 121

June 24, 2012

Grameenphone Star Program

           Welcome to Grameenphone STAR Program, where we recognize and appreciate our most valuable customers.
This program is a small effort to show gratitude to our best customers for being with Grameenphone for a reasonably long time. We strive to give the best possible offers and experience to the Grameenphone STARs, with the honor of privileged treatment, through invitation to special engagement programs and through pleasant surprises! Take the pleasure and joy of being a STAR!
Know more details about Grameenphone STAR Program.

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Internet Packages

Zoom Ultra/Zoom-
Bcube BTCL Brodban...

June 19, 2012

Robi Offer

Robi subscriber referral program

Robi subscribers can now bring back their friends and family members (who didn’t use Robi connection after
March 24, 2012) and all can get up to 100 minute recharge bonus.

***********Referral bonus*******
Robi subscriber (except Uddokta, EasyLoad, Robi Prothom and Prepaid Corporate users) who brings back a silent Robi subscriber who didn’t use Robi connection after March 24, 2012 can get 20 on-net bonus minutes upon recharge of 20 taka or more.

Silent subscriber brought back by a Robi subscriber must send a SMS to the person who brought him/her back on the day of coming back. For this, on the day of come back, first SMS sent by an eligible silent subscriber to a prepaid Robi number will be considered. Subscriber who brings back the silent subscriber must recharge 20 taka or more within 7 days of receiving this SMS and must be in or migrate to Shasroyee 38 plan.

One subscriber can get up to 100 minute bonus by bringing back 5 silent subscribers.

******Come back bonus******
Robi prepaid subscribers (who didn’t use Robi connection after March 24, 2012) can now enjoy up to 100 minutes of bonus talk-time for coming back to the Robi family.

All Robi Prepaid subscribers (except Uddokta, EasyLoad, Robi Prothom and Prepaid Corporate users),

who didn’t use Robi connection after
March 24, 2012, are eligible to enjoy this offer.

Eligible customers can enjoy recharge bonus of 20 (on-net) minutes each, for every recharge of Taka 20 or more (for up to 5 times, during the first 60 days from date of start using).

Customers also enjoy 15paisa/10 second voice tariff to any local mobile operators for 24 hours and SMS tariff of 50p per SMS (Vat applicable). Customer can get this bonus only if he/she stays in this tariff plan. Customers can check eligibility (of a number for this campaign) by texting ARobi Number from any Robi mobile number to 8050. Or can dial *140*11# from the number for which eligibility is being checked.

Bonus will be disbursed within 72 hours of each recharge with 2 days (including the day bonus is given) validity. Referral or come-back bonus cannot be used between
6:00PM to 11:59PM.

This offer will run until further notice. For more information please call 123 from your Robi mobile.

June 08, 2012

Airtel Adda Plan

airtel Adda Plan-Jekono Operatore 30 Sec Pulse
*30 Sec Pulse
*8 fnf
* 0.60tk/min other operator fnf

Ai offer pete
*Existing userder 48tk recharge krte hbe
*New & Onno Package theke "Adda" subscribe krte "A" likhe sms korun 7353 numbere & 48tk recharge korun

*48tk recharge 150min[air-air] talktime free with 3days validity
check *778*5#

know more 1212(free),786,01678600786

June 07, 2012

Airtel Offer...............

Mobile Banking

In the world of mobile Banking, you can pay your Citycell One post-paid bill just by sending an SMS or from ATM or just by loggin into the Bank website.Currently you can Mobile Bank with Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL)only.The service available through Mobile Banking are to avail the above services, you need to register with DBBL.For registration, go to the nearest DBBL branch, provide your Bank account number and your Citycell one number.After registration you'll get a PIN(Personal Identification Number) to avail the above  services.


Banglalink: Daily 100 SMS offer is only @ tk 1.99/day
To buy, dial *222*8#
To deactivate, dial *222*9#
To check remaining SMS balance & validity, dial *124*3#
*At first send 1 SMS to add sms in your account
*15% vat apply

Grameen Phone

 Grameen phone brings one of the amazing campaigns for its subscribers where any GP djuice prepaid  subscribers can buy 35 minutes at BDT 10 (excluding V
AT) and enjoy  effective call rate of 29 paisa to any GP or djuice number
To avail this wonderful offer, type start T and send SMS to 9999 and the SMS charge is absolutely free of cost !!
Any subscriber can avail this offer maximum 3 times in a day during the campaign period  and each time the validity of the offer registration will be 1 day. Also subscriber need to use the minutes during 12 am till 4pm.Once you are registered for  35 minutes ,dial *566*20# to check your remaining minutes balance.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry and SMS"Srart T"t to 9999 and grab 35 minutes to talk with your near and dear ones and stay close with Grameen phone network.

January 30, 2012

Citycell Offer

 Recharge minimum tk30 & get tk30 instant bonus. All Citycell One, Anondo, Utshob, Ullash, PCO& SME users are eligible for this offer. 50% bonus usable to On-net & 50% to Off-net[validit y 2days]. Citycell One, Citycell 85, old PCO & SME old users can use bonus to Off-net only; & Ullash users can use bonus to On-net only.Bonus rate: tk1/min to On-net & tk2/ min to Off- net[12am-6pm].Bonus is not applicable for fnf calls. To check bonus, please dial *887. Offer validity- January 30 to February 02, 2012. 15% VAT. applicable