June 30, 2012

Grameenphone Network Campaign

This year on 26th March, 2012 Grameenphone has marked 15 years of existence in Bangladesh. Over these 15 years of operations, our main aim was to facilitate everyone to overcome all their limitations taking them to the next level through mobile connectivity. We contributed the most in making mobile telephone as one of the most essential possessions of the people of Bangladesh, keeping millions of people connected. Till date Grameenphone reaches out to more than 38 million souls around the country through 7699 number of network towers.
Our network is the largest and widespread in the country. The main aim behind our 15 years of relentless effort is to expand the network and ensure best network quality all over the country in order to be there as the connecting thread, all the time.
We have made our network more advanced and future proof in order to address all the future opportunities. We want to keep you connected to your loved ones back home and also to the opportunities lying ahead through our network. So, move forward and set your goal to achieve what you want in life. Grameenphone network will keep all your ties intact.

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